Bitcoin: Will the future of events be online?

It has been more than 4 months since 100% of Bitcoin and Blockchain events are online, as the Coronavirus pandemic has slowed down the crowds of people all over the world. Now, in today’s reflection we ask ourselves: Is this here to stay?

COVID-19 has changed the landscape in all sectors, and online events are no exception. While it is not the same to attend an event, and live the experience on site, streaming is certainly an alternative.

In Europe, some borders have been opened, but more than 80% of the world is still disconnected, so the realization of Bitcoin events at a global level is far away.

Bitcoin online events are growing in audience

From the Bitcoin hallway back in mid-May until now, the online events of Bitcoin and Blockchain are the order of the day. Today, Binance, on its third anniversary, celebrated an important event: „OffTheCharts“, which peaked at over 1300 viewers on YouTube. This is not counting all the views on its own streaming.

This speaks clearly of how important it is for the crypto community to have this type of event, where in just one day you can see visions of the great influences on the ecosystem.

The great figure in today’s event was Binance’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao, who shared interesting reflections on the current market situation.

One of the most important titles that CZ left us today, was the confirmation of the launch of Binance Card, a great step to increase the crypto adoption in the world. How much easier to spend your tokens than with a card in any business in the world.

Are Bitcoin’s online events here to stay?

Personally, I think that until a vaccine is developed on a global scale, it will be difficult to organize international crypto events or any other kind of event. This is because any resurgence, which causes a partial / total closure of a city can cause its cancellation.

Therefore, until further notice we will have to get used to online events, which you can otherwise watch comfortably at home, and in most cases for free.

However, in the opinion of those who write to you, being at the event site is very different, it is another experience. But for the time being Bitcoin Era, it is time to adapt to the reality that we have to face.

I’ll say goodbye until tomorrow with this sentence from Changpeng Zhao at the OffTheCharts event:

„The world disorder caused by the COVID-19 will lead to a greater adoption of cryptospeed.“