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Welcome to the many worlds of fantasy, science fiction, horror and adventure fiction. By following the various links on these pages, you will take a journey through the entire history of genre fiction: from the past to the present day. We hope you will enjoy your stay and will take time to leave your thoughts and comments on the message board.
The Bookshelf features great novels of genre fiction. You may read any of the books online, or download a selection for later reading. Books are initially presented in serialized form and will be available as full editions once the serialization is completed.

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The Galleries in Fantasy & Adventure tell the history of popular fiction through covers and commentary. Currently, the Fantasy and Science Fiction Galleries are set up, with the Horror Gallery in the planning stages.
Please keep in mind that all the Galleries are constantly being updated with new additions, so check back often for updates.

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DOC SAVAGE AT 70 - Article by Tim Lasiuta
THE MUMMY RETURNS - Review by Gary "Rocketman" Hughes
THE CORPSE VANISHES - DVD review by Tom Mason
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