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Guardian's Egypt
   Take a journey to the past in this site founded in 1994 by Andrew Bayuk, where you can explore the wonders of Ancient Egypt via virtual tours (including the interiors of pyramids), pictures, articles and numerous links.

The Obsolete Computer Museum
   Assembled by Tom Carlson, this virtual museum gives you a glimpse into the many early designs of personal computers. From business machines to the first models for use in the home, you may even find a computer that you used way back when!

The Original World Wide Panorama Event
   On March 20, 2004, over 180 photographers in 40 countries around the world took pictures throughout the day to celebrate the Equinox: pictures that are presented here as VR photographs that can give the viewer a 360° view of any location. Sponsored by UC Berkeley, you will need to have Quicktime installed on your computer to view the pictures in their VR format.

Dime Novel and Story Paper Collection
   Through the auspices of Stanford University, take a guided tour of the University's large collection of Dime Novels and Penny Dreadfuls. While you are there, sample the lurid covers, read about the history of the genre and read some of the wonderful purple prose that preceeded the pulp era.

   Before TV, Radio and the movies, there was Vadeville: popular entertainment at popular prices and the training ground for many performers who later entertained us on the big screen and the airwaves. Audio, Video and background information all hosted by the University of Virginia.

The Apollo Space Program
   July 20, 2004 was the 35th anniversary of Apollo 11's successful landing on the moon. In honor of this event, take a trip to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and explore the mission of Apollo 11 and the entire history of the Apollo program, presented in pictures, audio and video.

The Golden Gate International Exposition
   Also known as the San Francisco World's Fair, the Expo ran at the same time as the 1939 New York World's Fair and focused on the nations of the Pacific.
   An overview of the history of the Expo, with pictures, hosted by the Treasure Island Museum Association.
Golden Gate International Exposition 1939-1940
   Hosted by the San Francisco Bay Area Post Card Club, this gallery, and its companions, feature postcards, pictures and slides showing some of the exhibits and features of the Expo.

   How did we view our future in days gone by? This is the question that Retrofuture attempts to answer in short illustrated articles that focus on various plans for life in the future that might have been.

   Overseen by Curator Werner W. Weiss, Yesterland is dedicated to Disneyland attractions that are no longer part of the park. Visit Main Street, Fantasyland, Frontierland, Tomorrowland and see how many you remember.

The 1939 New York World's Fair
The 1939-1940 New York World's Fair
   Hosted by the University of Virginia, the site looks at the Fair, the influence the Fair had on American culture and features lots of photos and some audio and video clips.
Images from the 1939 New York World's Fair
   The work of Andy Wood, an assistant professor in the Communications Department of San Jose State. The site reproduces many of the posters, postcards and artwork from the Fair along with the texts that accompanied them.

The Museum of Questionable Medical Devices
   Head on over to this virtual museum that features curious devices of the past. As an added bonus, you can also visit the home page of Curator/Founder Bob McCoy.
Bob McCoy's Home Page

Knott's Berry Farm
   Journey with us as we visit Knott's Berry Farm circa 1965.

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Coney Island
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1932 Worlds Fair
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